Study Exposes What Pick-Up Lines Effectiveness

Chivalry is appreciated, flashing wealth, and jokes are not according to research

Pickup lines: Almost every man has used them at least one, and according to new research the lines actually reveal a little something about the person who uses them. But the lines also serve an actual evolutionary purpose as well, according to psychologists of Scotland.

The researchers at University of Edinburgh conducted a study regarding the opening lines individuals use, and the findings are shown in the October issue of Personality and Individual Differences. But it is not simply that the lines are almost certain to embarrass one or both individuals. No, there is real important information found within the use of them.

Peter Caryl, who helped author the study, knew there was something important within them from the get-go. “I don’t expect that most of them think they’re revealing anything about their genes or fitness by speaking to someone new in a bar,” he stated. But according to the researcher, that is exactly what is happening.

Their study covered 127 women within the survey, each given a personality test to determine their type. They were asked to rate the effectiveness of over three dozen vignettes, each of which described a scenario wherein a man is attempting to start a dialogue with a women.

While women of course differed by personal interest, the extroverted women wanted ada funny line more than anything else. The nonconformist women showed disdain for any display of wealth or flash. Chivalry was a hit across the board when done without grandiose behavior behind it. A scenario in which a man scolds and chastises drunken individuals who cut in line in front of the woman won approval from all categories.

The findings may not be wholly groundbreaking as compared to the common sense of many. However, it does give some scientific backing to long-held concepts. It may also stop some men from flashing their gold watches, chains, and rings every chance they get. Canned jokes and compliments were also at the bottom of the barrel when it came to effectiveness. Giving learned insight without talking down or contempt were among the best strategies.

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