Parcel Bound Releases New Infographic Explaining International Shipping

Interesting Facts About International Shipping
Interesting Facts About International Shipping

While the United States Postal Service may be on the perpetual decline, shipping is still a reality many have to deal with. Whether it is for personal services or for a business being run, the ability to ship must be something that can be relied upon. The connectivity across the globe allows for us to ship almost anywhere, but it also means dealing with more shipping logistics than ever before. That is why created an infographic to help everyone understand the system better.

According to the infographic, nearly a third of all shipping is lost during transit, while across the globe, one boat per day is lost at sea. To boot, no carrier is obligated to pay for the losses that are experienced. Meanwhile, individuals pay high rates for all the shipping.’s infographic also notes that 44% of shoppers give up on a potential purchase specifically because of the shipping costs, while with another 22% do the same because of the failure to mention the cost before immediately prior to purchase. That is a huge amount of potential revenue lost when one considers the shipping and packaging services sector is worth nearly $11.6 billion.

But the cost of shipping and rates of lost revenue is not the whole store. Documents for international shipping, along with shipping rules and regulation (which change from country to country) turn many away from possible international shipping. Meanwhile, fear of mismanagement of packaging can mean the difference for those thinking of shipping to particular countries.

All of this leads into individuals holding disdain for the international shipping options altogether. That is why Parcel Bound wants to help avoid the cost and hassle of such shipping. By doing so, individuals can free their mind of concerns and focus on getting their package to where it needs to go.

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