Infographic By Cricket Games Zone explains the grand history of cricket

History of Cricket
History of Cricket

While there may be many in North America that would consider cricket to be a second-tier sport, the fact is that the pastime is the second most popular in the world. It is only second to Association Football, and dates back farther than many of today’s popular sports. A new infographic from Cricket Games Zone explains the many important dates that surround the popular game.

The earliest days of Cricket, according to the infographic, date back to 1301. The term derives from the french word ‘Creckett” which means ‘Stick’.

The first noted mention of the sport was over 300 years later, when Sussex men were prosecuted for playing cricket rather than going to church on Sunday. Nearly 100 years follow that incident, in 1697, the first reference to “a great match” of the sport was claimed in Sussex.

In the 1700s, there were many changes made to Cricket. The first inter-county match was held between Kent and Surrey, while the oldest preserved cricket bat was first created in 1729. In 1744, laws were issued by the London club that formed the distance of the pitch in cricket, along with other basic rule sets.

Through the rest of the 18 th century, rules implemented to regulate the standard rules were governed. And in 1844 the first international game was held. It was played between the United State of America and Canada. The match was played upon the ST. George’s Cricket Club grounds.

The first ever test match was in 1877, according to the infographic. It was played between Australia and England in the city of Melbourne. Three years later, the first Test in England was played by the two nations, with England winning with a five-wicket win.

The game persisted and spread throughout the globe with many nations taking up the passtime.

In 2001, Cricket lost arguably its most important cricket player of all time, Sir Donald Bradman. He lived 92 years, and was argued to be the greatest cricket player of all time.

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