10 Tips to Consider Before Moving Abroad

Plan for the unexpected before moving abroad

It is important to plan for the unexpected when moving abroad. Here are ten tips to consider before making the move.

1. Homework

Do your homework before you make the move, not after. Visit expat community resources and forums on the internet to get a feel for the area. Do as much research about your destination as possible.

2. Financial Requirements

Read up on taxes and other impacts to your finances the move will make. Different countries have different tax policies, so do not assume your benefits or retirement income received will remain the same. Have a plan B if things go wrong.

3. Local Laws and Customs

Read up on local customs and regulations. They may differ tremendously from what you are used to.

4. Healthcare

Once you leave a country, you are not covered by your insurance carrier in most circumstances. If you are staying within the European Economic Area (EEA), there are exceptions and you will need to look into them.

5. Independent Legal Advice

Before buying property abroad, seek legal advice from an attorney in that country. Do not rely on what a real estate agent or property developer tells you.

6. Impulse Buying

Ensure you are familiar with local protocol before you purchase a property. Do not be rushed into a decision; visit the area and other properties nearby.

7. Tax Regulations

Be sure to know the type and amount of any taxes you will be paying as well as their propensity to change, particularly property taxes. You can not take real estate with you if things change.

8. Exchange Rates

If the country you are moving to uses a different currency, be aware of the exchange rate and its susceptibility to change.

9. Notify Your Home Country

Notify all the government departments necessary of your intention to move out of the country.

10. Integration

As much as possible integrate yourself into the local community. Do not isolate yourself and make every effort to learn the local language and customs for a successful move abroad.

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