Swiftmoney Releases Infographic Detailing Changes Made on the New $100 Bill

The Redesigned $100 Note
New $100 Bill Redesign Prompts Swiftmoney to create an Infographic

For centuries now, the hundred-dollar note has existed. It has gone through many changes, and the most recent version is more chalked full of specific editions than ever before. That is why SwiftMoney has created an infographic that explains the many pieces and small, perhaps overlooked, portions of the bill that make it a unique upgrade from the versions of the past.

The new $100 has been redesigned to incorporate more security and uniqueness measures to help avoid the creation of counterfeits and assure quality transactions can occur without concern. The first line of defense I the many items in the note that are difficult to recreate.

The infographic shows there is now a bell within the inkwell on the front of the bill when shown in certain light, while a portrait watermark is found on across from Benjamin Franklin., which many may overlook when viewing the bill casually.

There are two very important security measures added onto the bills as well, such as the security thread to the left of Franklin’s head, just above and the right of his right ear. The second measure is the 3D security band that runs down the center of the bill.

A color-shifting 100 is also added to the front of the bill to ensure authenticity, as well as a raise printing section on Franklin’s right shoulder. A portrait and vignette are also added to the front and back of the bill, while microprinting as been added to multiple sections at the front of the note.

Finally, the FW indicator, Serial Number, and Federal Reserve indicators all work as fail safes to ensure the authenticity and quality of the $100 note. All put together, the bill is the most secure note to date, and serves as legal tender throughout the United States and its provinces.

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