Majestic Services Emergency Plumbers Releases Infographic about Plumbing Emergencies

Majestic Services discusses common plumbing problems through an infographic posted in their website. The visual aide contains important information such as the proper ways of handling common plumbing problems.

Plumbing problems such as blocked drains and leaky plumbing fixtures are common occurrences inside a house. They cause great distress and affect daily activities of the household. Majestic Services listed the most common plumbing emergencies that households report. An infographic entitled “How to Avoid the Disasters Wrought by Plumbing Emergencies” focuses on five common plumbing problems which are burst pipes, frozen pipes, leaky plumbing fixtures, blocked drains and toilets and gas leaks. The infographic visually explains the causes of each plumbing emergency and what the proper ways of handling them are.

The first plumbing emergency discussed in the infographic is a burst pipe. A burst pipe can raise the water level to about 6 inches in a 30×30 room. There are about 250,000 homes suffering from a burst pipe annually. The infographic also added that the main cause of a burst pipe is the freezing temperature. Majestic Services recommended calling an emergency plumber whenever a pipe bursts inside the house. The second plumbing issue is a frozen pipe. The company shared a list of preventive measures that a homeowner can do. The preventive measures include rerouting of pipes, insulating of pipes, wrapping heat tapes, shutting of drains and hoses, and opening both cold and hot water taps. To fix a frozen pipe, they recommend blowing hot air using a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt the blockage and unclog the pipe. Households can save 10,000 gallons of water by repairing their leaky plumbing fixtures and sprinkler system. Three different methods were discussed on how to check for a leak in the system. The last two plumbing emergencies are blocked toilers/drains and gas leaks. The company enumerated the five most common causes of blocked drains such as foreign objects, heavy rains, broken pipes, incorrect pipe installation and water flow issues.

Majestic Services hopes that through their infographic, they can help their clients stay safe and well informed on different plumbing emergencies.

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