Infographic points to handful world-changing items that can be created by 3D printing

The Future of Print Technology
Silver Image london Releases 3d Printing Infographic

The long history of the printer is filled with world-changing history. However, a new horizon has dawned as the three-dimensional printer has now begun to be more than a science fiction fantasy. With a new age dawned, the possibilities are vast and possibly life- and society-changing. Now, a new infographic points out a handful of new technological possibilities that 3D printers are capable of creating.

Bones can now be replaced for individuals to utilize. From shins to jaws, the ability to create bones that anatomically mimic actual biological bones is now a reality for those who suffer injury or have a bone moved due to disease. And for those who simply fracture or shatter a bone, a 3D cast is now a very real possibility. With personalized sizing and fitting, the bone has a better opportunity to heal properly and with the optimum efficiency.

According to the infographic created by Silver Image London (, it is not just medical science that will improve, but also the aesthetic arts. Camera lenses that are personalized and highly specific, along with 3D renderings of our imagination can now be created. Whether it is a 3D rendering of a drawing, or the customized lens type for a high-powered camera, art will be able to make a concerted leap thanks to 3D printers.

But why think small when the size is almost limitless with 3D printers. Not only have bicycles been produced with 3D printers, but an Aston Martin DB4 frame, as well as an entire building (set to be finished in 2014) have been produced. The concept of design creations through 3D printing, once though to be pure fantasy, is now an assured reality.

And what may be most exciting, 3D printers can be produced to create other 3D printers. This makes the capability of owning such a material-produced item drastically lowered in pricing, which in turn means the items produced can be more affordable as well.

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