Infographic Finds Surprising Numbers Regarding Men and Workplace Sexuality

Eye-Opening Statistics About Men and Sex
Eye-Opening Statistics About Men and Sex [Infographic]

There have been many studies about sexuality and the male libido, but there are few that are as eye-opening as the Launch Pad Products infographic regarding at-work sexual interaction and behavior. While the data collected from November of 2012 was asked over a great many situations, some of the most interesting answers came from the topic of work-place situations. Overall over 1,131 men a series of questions, and the answers may surprise many.

According to the study, over half of men have had sex on their lunch break, but that statistic is only the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to pornography, more than 80% of men have watched pornography. While the latter may seem tamer, work productivity cannot be helped much by the activity.

When it comes to female colleagues, men’s minds run wild. Nearly eight out of every 10 men fantasize about a woman at work. Bosses are only fantasized about 43% of the time overall. The reason for the disparity is not known, but many may have much older bosses, which could make it harder to find the employer or manager attractive.

The infographic showed that when it came to how to handle sexual harassment men were split on what to do. A third of all men said they would confront the situation and tell the boss to top. A quarter of all surveyed noted they would head to HR to report the situation. Telling the woman to report it was the choice of nearly 40% of men. Ignoring the fact was only the choice of one-in-twenty.

When it came to a female boss sexually harassing a coworker, nearly five times as many men would avoid the situation altogether. Meanwhile, only one-in-five would take the situation head-on. Both telling HR and telling the man to report the situation were almost identical as before.

One other interesting statistic was in the political realm, wherein three quarters of men felt that insurance ought to cover birth control for women. Meanwhile, over half stated that if a pill was created for men, they would take it. The number rose 6% since 2011.

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