Infographic By Pools Above Ground Explains Proper Pool Maintenance

Proper Pool Maintenance, In 8 Easy Steps
Pool Safety is an Important Issue Tackled by Pools Above Ground

The pool is all part of the American Dream. So many individual and families have dreamed of having a pool as part of their lifestyle, and for many that dream has come in the form of an above-ground pool. However, pools are not simply great to have. They do require a bit of maintenance. That is why Pools Above Ground has created an infographic explaining the eight easy steps to proper pool maintenance.

By being able to maintain one’s pool properly, avoidance of costly fixes and unnecessary money spent is gained. Nobody wants to have to deal with maintenance of course, but it is simply the responsibility to comes with owning the product.

Sanitation is the main concern when dealing with one’s pool. Public pools are a mess, with 58% containing fecal matter within randomly taken samples by the CDC. A home pool is easier to maintain, but also easier to contaminate.

For outdoor pools, the system for quality maintenance is eight steps. First simply keeping up with cleaning the pool is key. By maintaining cleanliness, one avoids extra steps like fixing broken filters and so forth.

The infographic also points out balancing the water’s PH levels is important. Base and acidic levels that are off can mean the pool is easier to contaminate. Adding algaecide to shock the pool is like a cleans of the pool itself. It can make the difference in bacterium that builds up for outdoor pools.

Lowering the water level and maintaining the drain and liners is also important, while the removal of unnecessary accessories that lay dormant in the pool is an often overlooked cause for problems. Accessories can become clogged in filters or otherwise help collect contaminants. Finally, lubricating and covering the pool helps keep everything running smoothly and keeping contaminants of all types from taking hold.

A neglected pool is a dirty pool, and there is no excuse for allowing your above-ground pool to get out of hand.

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