Best ROI on Home Remodels Listed in New Infographic By Orlando Painters

11 Brilliant Home Improvement Investments
11 Brilliant Home Improvement Investments Infographic

When owning or mortgaging a home, one is faced with a great many options for how to optimize the property. Often, investments can be made through home improvements; however, if one has not researched the work extensively, the sheer number of options can be daunting. Thankfully, Orlando Painters has released an infographic that lists the 11 best investments through home improvement.

The first investment outlines by the infographic is vinyl siding. Usually the investment will cost you $7 per square-foot, but the return on it is often nearly 90% overall. In fact only two investments are better than vinyl siding, and that is the installation of a natural gas heater and exterior painting.

While expensive to install, the natural gas heater can often recoup all of the money invested. Sometimes it will even exceeds the total initial put in. Exterior painting, meanwhile, recoups nearly 90 cents to the dollar when all is said and done. Interior painting is not to be forgotten either, as it recoups nearly three-quarters of the investment.

The infographic also points out that replacement windows and kitchen remodels are also great investments to make in a home. Windows are certainly cheaper a majority of the time, unless you perhaps live within a glass house. And the kitchen is not the only room that can be remodeled for a whole new look. Bathrooms can be remodeled as well.

Creating a new bedroom in the one-unused attic can also be a strong investment, with over 70% of the investment returned. It is quite a costly endeavor, however. The average costs is $50,000 to create a fully functional room.

Despite costing a pretty penny to initial begin, the returns on each investment are clearly something to keep in mind when creating a dream home. An eye toward the future, even if not for selling, can increase the value of the home in the long run. And creating a strong and valuable home is a good goal for any home owner to have.

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