New Study To Fill Out Cracks in Chiropractic Studies

Researchers claim study will provide more full evidence base

According to a new study handled but the University of Technology, Sydney, a new national practice-based study regarding chiropractic services will be undertaken.

UTS believes a long-term longitudinal study is will create the strongest results, however, the initial three years will be funded thanks to a grant by the Chiropractors’’ Association of Australia that totals over $465,000.

The announcement follows the Macquarie University’s April decision to offload the NSW’s lone chiropractic degree, citing claims regarding its teachers were not being research active to an appropriate level.

Director of the UTS research center, Jon Adams, stated that the new study would “cut through some of the political debate.”

Head of the UTS-based research center of Australia, who oversees complementary and Integrative Medicine, stated that “We’re trying not to be opponents or critics,” he said.

“We’re trying to be very distant in how we approach this topic. That’s what makes this centre and this piece of research novel, and hopefully it’ll have some impact.”

Adams stated that he looked to create a new angle regarding chiropractors. He also noted that beyond simply conducting the research, the center would be encouraging the use of expressive interest from those who wished to pose their own questions.

“The critics are very good at suggesting chiropractic doesn’t have any evidence. Equally we have supporters of complementary medicines, including chiropractic, who often don’t appeal to evidence,” he said.

“We want to sift through the evidence to see what looks like it’s got potential, and what doesn’t. We’ll be able to say that certain things are beyond the pale and shouldn’t be practised, and also picking out (aspects) that look more substantial.”

CAA also stated that the study would be “watched with great interest in Australia and around the world”.


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