Research Shows Aussies Often Distracted While Driving

Many put on clothes, talk on phones, and even shave

According to new studies, the motorists in Australia are putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk by eating, drinking, and using their phones while behind the wheel. The study looked at over 1,000 individuals aged between 18-64 years who drove a vehicle regularly.

The study found that 83% of all Australians are distracted in one way or another when they are driving. The Galaxy Research group also found that 48% of all drivers admit to talking on a phone or mobile device while driving.

Meanwhile 64% of women admitted to rummaging through handbags while within traffic. Another 42% perform childcare in some form while driving. Such activities include setting the child into place or adjusting seats.

Women further confessed to putting on makeup at a tally of one-in-five. Another 12% stated they are changing clothes while driving. Only 8% admit to shaving while behind the wheel, although given the dexterity and precision involved in shaving, one-in-17 seems like a surprisingly high number.

According to the Australian Driver Trainers Association stated that multitasking during operation of a vehicle puts all on the road at risk.

“Distractions when driving significantly contribute to our risk of having a car accident,” president Anthony Cope said in statement.”

“Whilst the results show that many believe they can effectively multitask at the wheel, the fact is that every extra task reduces the effectiveness of the most critical task – staying safe on the road.”

Research that was conducted by Galaxy for the Woolworths Insurance company found that drivers often try to justify their multitasking, as a third state they only commit such dangerous actions during a stop, and only when late to their destination. A full fifteen percent of drivers say they plan their multi-tasking actions prior to setting foot in the car.


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