5 Ways to Ship for the Holidays

Ship holiday packages safely and with ease

Well the Christmas season is fast approaching and it is time to get all your gift shipping tools in order. The boxes, the bubble wrap, popcorn and of course that stubborn roll of tape. Depending on your needs, holiday shipping can be an enormous pain in the neck and if you’re not careful a pain in the pocket.

There are a few things you can do to reduce this pain however:

1. Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

As the 25th of December approaches you will find yourself paying more for shipping and if you are not careful you will end up overnighting your gifts and paying top dollar at the last minute. The sooner you ship the less it will cost you and the more likely it will get to its destination on time.

2. Picking the Correct Box

Be sure to package your gifts in strong, corrugated cardboard boxes. Check the weight limit on the bottom of the box to be sure it can easily support the weight of the contents. Do not wrap the outside of the box with any kind of paper. The outer wrapping could tear of in transit and your gift will be delayed or become lost. Be sure to use popcorn or bubble wrap on fragile items.

3. Online Shipping

There are many online shoppers to choose from and some online retailers will package and ship gifts for you. Around the holidays, some of these realtors will even gift-wrap presents for you and offer a selection of gift receipts and personalized notes.

4. Perishables

Do not take chances with perishable items such as fruits, cheeses, baked goods and meats. Send them next day shipping on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. As an added precaution, use frozen gel packs that will last up to three days.

5. High-Dollar Items

Expensive valuables should always be shipped overnight in a box no smaller than 7-by-4-by-2 inches. Be sure to insure very expensive items and be aware that shipping companies put limits on claims. Do not put anything on the outside of the box that will reveal that the content is valuable.

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