SinglesAroundMe Launches New Android App; Introduces “Approximate Location” to Increase Serendipity without Compromising Safety

The popular social discovery mobile dating app SinglesAroundMe (SAM) today officially launched its most technologically advanced Android app with the industry’s first “ Approximate Location” feature, for users to increase serendipity without compromising safety. Now the other 50% of smart phone users can use this great app too, bringing more singles than ever before to SinglesAroundMe

Unlike other location-based mobile dating apps, SAM utilizes geographical mapping to plot the location of nearby singles, anywhere in the world. The entire experience is much more real, social, interactive and now safe.

For members who wish to flirt but prefer to keep their location somewhat private, “Approximate Location” offers a unique way for users to be in the vicinity without revealing their exact location. Now, for the first time, members can choose exactly how much—if any—of their actual location they want to share; they can choose to keep it exact, hidden or approximate, which displaces their precise location by approximately 1-2 miles or 2-3 kilometers.

“I believe our new privacy controls dramatically change the game and solve the problem that was holding back this new industry,” said Christopher Klotz, CEO of SinglesAroundMe. “In today’s connected world, most members do not seem bothered by revealing their location, however, there is a percentage of members that have requested more control over the privacy of their location information. With this new release, we have opened the doors to a safer—and even more exciting—location-based dating experience.”

The company will also be rolling out these flexible privacy controls to its new iPhone app in the coming weeks and on the Blackberry in the New Year.

Download the SinglesAroundMe Android app at Google Play

Launched in 2010, SinglesAroundMe has been pioneering location based mobile dating ever since. With over 1 million users in over 100 countries, SinglesAroundMe is enjoyed by singles worldwide. The app is offered on the iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices with additional access via its mobile and web sites.

Press contact:
Hattie Sellick