Thatsmycity to Weave San Francisco Together

The team at Thatsmycity San Francisco are determined to bring a web and app experience unrivaled in the city information space. Thatsmycity is aiming to provide all of the latest city information for users local areas and neighborhoods, in a fast and clear way, and putting a stop to unnecessary surfing and browsing once and for all. Their teams are constantly drawing together information into one space, so that users access it all in one convenient place.

Thatsmycity works on the basis that it offers information on fast food, restaurants, bars, cafes, spas and hotel, transport and travel information, animal care, education, shopping and more, all held in easy to find sub-categories for its users to access in one place. The sub categories list places based on the level of information which be accessed by a user of the site.

Garrell works in Silicon Valley and is excited to welcome the site to San Francisco;
“I only get 2 nights to myself, and when I do I really want to be wowed by San Francisco. I don’t always know where to go, and love to get good recommendations, but I really don’t want to waste time searching for information and finding out how to get there. What I love about thatsmycity in other cities is that they have brought together multi-site information to one place, and pushed the bar forward for what is possible with web searches. Its answers my questions thats for sure, but it also suggests things that I never would have thought of. It also reminds me when those wet San Francisco evenings are looming, oh and where to park, in San Francisco that is a big thing!”

Information finding is the core of this service, but additionally thatsmycity are aiming to connect San Franciscans to their local area in a way that has never really been done before. They aim to integrate the city guide experience in real time and with actual information. If a user wants to check out a new bar, thatsmycity will tell that user where it is, how to get there, when they can get there i.e. next transit times, what the weather will be like, parking nearby, and also the information provided about that bar, by the bar itself, or by locals who have tried and tested that bar.

Thatsmycity aims to become a part of the fabric of San Francisco, partnering with many organizations and providers of services, who may also host their website in the main site, giving them business presence and linking them to the thatsmycity community

San Francisco is a city of diversity, thatsmycity wants to help users unlock their local neighborhoods, but also to go further afield and explore things to do and places to see that are a little off the beaten track. Thatsmycity aims to become a partner to all those people with the drive to explore their local bay area. The site will be brimming with first hand local only information, as well as must see hot spots for tourists.

Users of Thatsmycity in San Francisco will have access to a mobile app for iPad and iPhone, which will be capable of storing latest information should the device go out of range, offering users connectivity wherever they are in the city.

The app will feature all of the insights and information which thatsmycity has become known for, and it introduces the new unit’s conversion feature, capable of displaying both Celsius and Fahrenheit information for travelers to make an easy and seamless transition to their destination. Thatsmycity can then help them find a place to stay, eat, and many places and experiences to be had.

Thatsmycity was established in October 2011 as a response to a growing need by web users to feel that they have a user experience that is holistic and efficient, offering helpful solutions and ideas for days off in any of the large cities in the world, UAE, London, Singapore, Christchurch, Auckland. Thatsmycity adds San Francisco to its expansion and is looking forward to establishing their presence in the United States.

Thatsmycity continues to expand its operation with presence in UAE, London, Singapore, New Zealand and coming in Spring 2013 to San Francisco to connect that city and its people in a fast, efficient and knowledgeable way.

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