Transitions Ease the Difficulty of Writing Essays

Transitional words and phrases not only make reading an essay easier, they also help in putting your thoughts into words

When an essay lacks unanimity, the reader of the work becomes disoriented and loses the points you are trying to get across. This is why skillful writers use different techniques to keep the reader on track and smooth out the journey. To make an essay more readable, the writer needs to use words and phrases that unify paragraphs and ideas.

Key words and ideas, that are worthy of emphasis can be repeated throughout the work as signposts that keep the reader on track. Sentence or verb-phrase patterns can also be repeated to form parallel structures that flow smoothly. Replacing nouns with pronouns makes the work more fluid as long as the antecedent or the noun the pronoun is replacing is clear. However, the most effective way to make an essay more readable is using transitions.

Transitional words and phrases create the cohesion necessary to bring different aspects of thoughts together. The two coauthors of The Resourceful Writer (1999), Robert Dees and William H. Barnwell, write, “Transitions act as verbal signposts to guide your reader’s attention to the movement of ideas from sentence to sentence.”

Transitional words and phrases establish different relationships between ideas. For example, to add supporting evidence to a premise by phrasing “in addition” or “furthermore” or drawing a conclusion by writing “therefore” or “in conclusion.”

Consequently, these words and phrases relate the thought expressed in one sentence to the one that follows throughout the entirety of a written work. Before writing an essay, take the time to learn the different transitions and the relationships they create. They not only make it easier for the reader, they make it easier for you to express your thoughts and tie them together.  


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