Training vs. Exercising

The difference is in the objectives

The average person who goes to a gym has a peculiar idea of exercise. Many people think that just because they belong to a gym they are making an effort at training. Others give up on their New Year’s resolution around mid-January. Most are relatively weak, under developed and overweight. The reason for this is they do not know what fitness means and how to achieve what they are after.

Fitness is all about specifics. It is about setting a precise goal and going after it with precision and skill. Consequently, fitness means different things to different people and the tasks for reaching that goal vary. The peculiar thing is the majorities of people in the gym culture hit the treadmill for half an hour, pump up a little on some of the strength machines, lie on the mat in a pool of sweat stretching for five minutes and hit the shower.

Of course, any form of exercise is good for you and there is nothing wrong with this approach but it is not training. These types of exercise routines are wide ranging but have no objective. They are good for blowing off some steam but there is no predetermined outcome. On the other hand, fitness training is task specific. It differs from exercising in that it is a planned program with measurable outcomes.

The objective to run a mile in five minutes is a distinct objective and the training will be geared toward that goal. To “look good and be healthy” is a fine objective for an exercise routine but it is not specific enough for a training regiment. The difference between someone who exercises and someone who trains is the goal. If you want real results, find a good coach who can develop a program with specific goals that will transform your fitness routine.


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