Infographic Shows Statistics on Boarding School Vs Public School

The Truth About Boarding School
Boarding Schools .US Releases “The Truth About Boarding Schools” Infographic

With the state of current schooling and educational systems, parents need to know exactly what they are getting themselves and their children into when it comes to the options. Some parents believe boarding schools are the best option. Others believe private schools or public schools offer the best benefits for a myriad of reasons. Now, a new infographic has been a released that supplies numbers and statistics to each.

When it comes the the positive challenge of the school atmosphere, Boarding Schools excel past both private and public schools, with 91% of all students reporting the school is “academically challenging”. The number is reflected in the hours spent dedicated to homework. Students from boarding schools spend nearly twice the amount of time diligently handling homework activities than at private schools. It is more than double that of public schools.

Peer activities create motivation to succeed in school, and boarding schools once again come out on top, with 75% of student stating they are in proximity to motivated peers. Meanwhile, less than half of all public school students report the same.

And what is a good student without quality leadership? According to the infographic, over three-quarters of all boarding school students say their school provides opportunities for such leadership, while only 60% say the same at private schools. Public schools provide just above 50% positive responses.

The infographic also points out that when it comes to being ready for higher learning, boarding school is far-and-away the stronger choice. Nearly nine of every 10 students report being “very well prepared” for college. Less than three-quarters of students at private school can say the same, while only four of every 10 public-school student belive they are prepared.

There are so many obvious reasons that boarding school can create stronger leaders, but none more obvious than the 44% of boarding school graduates who are able to achieve top management positions by the middle of their career. That is 11% higher than public school students and almost double that of private school.


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