Secure Your Home Well Before the Storm

It pays to be sure your windows and doors will be protected from the wind before it begins to blow

According to recent wind technology research conducted by the National Hurricane Center, securing your home from wind is the most important precaution you can take to reduce damage during a hurricane. Installing impact-resistant shutters over all glass doors and windows is the best way to protect a home from damage in windstorms. In addition to protecting doors and windows from wind-borne debris, shutters also reduce damage caused by air pressure changes should a door or window become broken.

Security shutters even offer an extra layer of security from looters if you need to evacuate. The easiest and quickest way to secure your home is by installing roll down shutters that are permanently attached to the home. This negates the hassle of storing and digging out the shutters when a storm is approaching and provides protection during thunderstorms and tornado warnings. If you have permanent shutters, periodically check them for effectiveness so you do not run into problems at the last minute.

Manufacturers test their shutters to be sure they meet certain standards necessary to resist wind forces and wind-borne objects but some shutters, especially those that roll up, are very flexible. If struck by a piece of flying debris, the shutter may bend and break the door or window. To test for rigidity, lean against the shutter and see how much give it has. It should not bend enough to reach the glass of your door or window. Also, be sure the structure is properly attached to your home. Normal wear and tear can loosen screws and mounting rails.


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