College Application Training Announces Release Of Home Study Course

College Application Training announced the release of their home study course entitled the College Application Mastery Program (CAMP). CAMP teaches students how to create a winning college application and get accepted to their #1 choice college!

“We are very excited about offering this home study course for students who are currently applying to college” said Chelsea Watkins, Founder of College Application Training. “Our College Application Mastery Program, or CAMP, is a great way for both students and their parents to learn what makes a winning college application and how to get accepted to your number one choice college. It’s a fun program that works, and best of all, it can be finished in as quickly as just one day!”

The College Application Mastery Program (CAMP) teaches students:
* Ways to Reveal Your “A+ Applicant” – You have something amazing and unique to offer colleges. Will you “brand” yourself in a way that sets you apart, or will you be just another kid applying to college? Each application only gets 8 minutes for review. Make yours count.
* How to Write a Killer “Personal Marketing Statement” – You have 650 words to set yourself apart from the 750,000 other students who are applying to college this year. How do you do that? Hint: It has nothing to do with what you have been taught about writing in school.
* You Can Be a Great “Project Manager” – The deadline approaches. You procrastinate. The deadline gets closer. Your parents yell at you. You still procrastinate. The deadline is almost here and you’ve barely started. Now, it’s panic time. There are strategies to avoid this happening.
* Always Rock Your Interviews – How do you give a great interview? Practice and preparation. Even if you do not have an admission interview, you may have scholarship (or job) interviews and you must be prepared. If you’re not, kiss that scholarship (or job) goodbye!
* Secrets to Create Awesome Supplements – Every school asks “Why do you want to go here?” You must figure out a way to make each essay unique, even though you are answering the same question. Many schools often ask an additional question. The supplement writing can often be more difficult than your main personal marketing statement. But there are tricks you can learn.

The College Application Mastery Program (CAMP) is available in 3 formats:
1) College Application Master Program (CAMP) Workbook (over 105 pages) plus Handbook of Exercises (over 30 exercises).
2) CAMP Workbook and Handbook plus Three (3) DVD Set of CAMP taught by Chelsea Watkins and BONUS Audio Transcript of CAMP instruction.
3) CAMP Workbook and Handbook and DVD Set and Audio Transcript plus Personalized Help from College Application Training Certified Instructors.

The College Application Mastery Program (CAMP) is available for purchase direct at, or from Amazon at, or by calling 323-428-2264.

About College Application Training
College Application Training was founded by Chelsea Watkins. A Dean’s Scholar at the University of Southern California (USC), she graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a B.A. in International Relations and French. Chelsea was awarded the Mary Pickford, Frank Sinatra, USC Associates, and Women in Film scholarships by the USC School of Cinematic Arts. She has 20+ years of experience in the college application process helping students raise test scores, create winning college applications, maximize financial aid, and fund their college expenses. More information is available at

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