SEIN Analytics to Launch Open-Source Private Beta

Since the alpha launch in November 2011, SEIN has received a tremendous amount of support and feedback from market participants and major players in the financial technology space. The outpouring of encouragement motivated the company’s management team to proceed with development of the upcoming beta version.

This beta launch is a significant milestone for SEIN and coincides with a growing realization within the financial sector that open-source platforms built on enterprise frameworks (in this case, Zend) will play a significant role in reducing costs and inefficiencies while improving transparency. Financial institutions and banks already use open-source technology in their data centers. SEIN enables them to leverage their existing Linux and Apache servers to manage their structured finance portfolios. They can also maintain their competitive edge by using SEIN’s APIs.

By utilizing the Zend Framework, SEIN ensures that its platform is secure. The company is proud to join a growing customer base of leading financial institutions also using Zend. “It’s great to see yet one more example of a forward looking company like SEIN Analytics taking advantage of the enterprise benefits of Zend Framework,” said Siddhartha Agarwal, VP WW Field Operations, Zend Technologies. “There is no doubt that building on the proven security, performance and scalability of Zend Framework and Zend’s management solutions such as Zend Server, helps companies more rapidly bring to market enterprise grade solutions, like SEIN’s new analysis platform.”

“During the development of the open-source beta we have been fortunate to work with the Zend team which has some of the best PHP developers and open-source architects in the world,” said CEO and Founder, Samuel Belu-John. The company has been able to attract some big names in the financial sector to participate in its private beta testing.

Beta Goals
Mr. Belu-John explained that SEIN hopes to expand its data abstraction layer to several third party providers to make the platform truly data agnostic. “Our ability to provide a platform where customers can seamlessly integrate other data sources and analytic platforms will be a significant competitive advantage for us going forward,” Samuel explained.

SEIN’s Co-Founder & Head of Design and User Experience, Anne Clark, said that the company’s new architecture is “a robust platform that increases the efficiency of risk experts by handling many issues such as the need to reverse engineer deals and collect and process monthly trustee data, along with allowing them the option of mixing components with their in-house or outside vendor systems.” The company is also making it very easy for developers to participate and play a role in enhancing and expanding the platform.

Moving Forward
SEIN’s management team is looking forward to a very busy 2013. Mr. Belu-John expects that in addition to incorporating data from other vendors, the company will be looking to add senior developers to expand its library and build a portfolio and analytic toolkit within the first half of next year. It is anticipated that the complete platform will include all currently outstanding agency and non-agency mortgage related transactions, CMBS, and other ABS deals.

About SEIN
SEIN Analytics was founded in 2010 with the goal of developing an open-source deal library and analytic platform for analyzing complex structured finance securities. SEIN provides a needed solution to portfolio managers, private investors, research professionals and risk managers working in thousands of financial institutions around the world. The open-source platform enhances transparency, reduces risk and improves operational efficiency for SEIN’s clients and the industry. For more information contact SEIN at info(at)seinanalytics(dot)com.

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