Jennifer Devlin Launches – Hand Blended Organic Skin Care Products

Celtic Complexion is committed to using only the highest quality raw materials. This includes a combination of wildcrafted,
certified organic, kosher, and vegan raw ingredients.

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA, December 13, 2013, Jennifer Devlin didn’t start out as a skin safety advocate, she in fact suffered from a skin condition called Rosacea. Having represented some of the most renowned skin care companies in the world, she had access to the most expensive creams available. She tried everything, yet her condition did not improve, it just worsened. Fortunately, Jennifer met a holistic esthetician that was to change her life forever. She learned about an all natural holistic approach to skin care, and was able to clear-up her Rosacea. This was the beginning of Celtic Complexion.

Celtic Complexion is dedicated to not only producing the finest all natural skin care products, but also in telling the truth. No wild claims will be found on the website. Visitors will not be greeted with outlandish claims of her products making people look ten years younger, and no “photo-shopped” images will be found on the site. Just the facts and the reasons why each ingredient she chooses is right for its purpose.

During a recent interview, Jennifer had this to say: “One of the biggest misconceptions about organic skin care is that it isn’t as effective as traditional mainstream products. Actually, it’s quite the opposite! It’s the difference between having fast food and a wholesome home cooked meal from mom, your skin CAN tell the difference!”, She goes on to say: “Water and chemicals are cheap, and they aren’t illegal, but the long term safety of a lot of cosmetic ingredients are unknown and some studies suggest they are carcinogenic. There is definitely a false sense of security among consumers that what they are putting on their skin is safe, but lead was once deemed “safe and acceptable” by the FDA too”

Celtic Complexion is headed in the direction of becoming the dominant force in natural skin care, and the huge amount of Customer Testimonials give credibility to that statement. Just look at what Celebrity Makeup Artist, Christina Farrel, has to say: “Just tried the Celtic Complexion skincare line and I am instantly in love, the cream and serums are to die for!,  I have used the Celtic Complexion Cream over the past 3 days. I honestly can say, I have never felt such velvety skin. There is no water in these products. That means that there is nothing to evaporate. Once you put the cream on, it stays on; it doesn’t fade away.”

For complete information, please visit: Celtic Complexion Holistic Skin Care Products

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