Holy Cow Apps Makes It Possible To Start A Company Selling Custom Apps To Local Businesses

The small business marketing world has dramatically changed in the past couple of years with the rise of mobile apps. Mobile apps have become prolific for a wide variety of reasons, but in the small business community they are particularly effective at establishing communication between a small business and their client base.

The specific application of a mobile app varies from business to business, but broadly speaking it is a way of ensuring a client or customer knows about the important events, services, sales and specials that are occurring. A mobile app for small business is an appealing, opt-in method for communicating to a client base that is more efficient and effective than an e-mail newsletter or even text message marketing, as it is more robust and diverse.

For a Church, the app is a way of providing updates regarding scheduled nights, sending out last-minute notices to the congregation and keeping everyone in the loop on the week’s schedule. For a restaurant, an app is a way for clients to book their reservations, find a map to the venue, read the menu prior to arriving and much more. Every business has its reasons for needing to get in touch with their clientele, and there are few methods more effective than a mobile application.

Many entrepreneurs throughout Canada and around the world have been aware of the potential for selling mobile apps to small businesses, but have perhaps shied away from the industry simply due to the seemingly daunting nature of the enterprise. Start-up costs, which might include hiring an app-developer and going through some tech training, have turned many entrepreneurs away from an otherwise lucrative venture.

But now Holy Cow Apps has developed, and finally launched, a new way for interested parties to begin selling apps to small businesses for as much as $1000 to $5000 an app, without having to go through the initial start-up ritual.

Each app sold would include a plethora of features such as a free HTML5 mobile website, an event calendar, photo gallery, unlimited updates, push notifications, live chat and much more. This offering is a part of their white label program and the concept is simple enough, but grand in its implications.

HCA has engineered a system by which local entrepreneurs can take the Holy Cow Apps mobile app builder software, entirely rebrand it, and sell it as if it was their own, charging any rate that they deem fair. Starting a mobile app company can be extremely easy, using this method. Given the number of small businesses that are still operating without a mobile app, but who are genuinely in need of one, the potential is huge for those who are keen to take Holy Cow Apps up on their offer.

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Holy Cow Apps
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