MallStand, Innovative Social Shopping Platform: Officially Launched and Open to the Public

‘ECSTATIC!’ A word that barely describes the feelings of many upon hearing of MallStand’s announcement this morning that it’s long awaited social shopping application has now officially launched. This excitement was prevalent in and around MallStand’s Hoboken, New Jersey headquarters where many were up early today creating their accounts, connecting with fellow shoppers and browsing MallStand’s virtual mall interface for cool products, fun socials deals, and delicious entrees delivered from local restaurants.

For residents of Hoboken and Jersey City, New Jersey, today is particularly sweet since they get to be the first of what will soon be many localities that are able to browse exciting local business offerings and features, including Socialing for deals, yaying-and-naying products, before requiring a lengthy nap after feasting on a hearty helping of tandoori, followed by mouthwatering and freshly made roasted red pepper hummus and falafel from the Food Court.

But looking beyond the exhilarating euphoria that MallStand no doubt inspires in the passions of its users, the MallStand team finds the creation of its online social environment, which encourages local shopping, along with aiding small businesses in making the transition to eCommerce, to be the most rewarding part of being apart of such a dream innovative platform. By way of numerous unique social networking tools, MallStand helps foster communications between users and merchants, forming stronger customer-merchant relationships.

Early consumers have been marveling at how MallStand has seamlessly consolidated all of the best online shopping and social networking experiences into one location. While retailers are gleefully astonished at how MallStand has provided them with such an impressive stage to showcase their products, menus, and a unique new type of social deal, all at costs significantly lower than that of their competitors.

While other social networks are making it harder for app developers to prosper on their platforms, MallStand recognizes the importance of third party developers in growing a fun and productive environment for users. So, for developers to make an app that is usable on MallStand it is completely free. That’s right… MallStand takes ZERO percentage of the profits developers earn from their innovative app creations. As any MallStand employee will tell you, having the pleasure of soon hosting these app innovations is payment enough for us.

Now check out this INFOGRAPHIC to find some interesting statistics about small businesses and the importance of local shopping.

MallStand has several deeply discounted social deals. This week’s social deal offers savings of over 55% on a hair coloring and hair cut!

About MallStand
MallStand is a web and mobile social shopping platform transforming traditional online shopping. By utilizing various social networking tools MallStand creates an environment that fosters communication between users and merchants. MallStand provides shoppers with a centralized online location to mingle, shop, and share.

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