The Fat Loss Factor Launched a New Website Design for Its Revolutionary Weight Loss System

Dr. Charles Livingston, the creator of the revolutionary Fat Loss Factor, is pleased to release a new website design for his popular weight loss system.

It’s the exact same weight loss system he’s been teaching to clients for years from within his offices in Fishers, Indiana. Thousands of customers world wide have went on to attain extremely impressive results.

“I’ve dedicated my life to help others achieve the type of weight loss success that I know is absolutely possible,” says Dr. Charles. “And this is despite what the “so called” experts claim.”

“I’m telling you right now that the food industry is outright lying to you most of the time. Those supposedly “safe” food additives many companies are peddling on the market are really NOT SAFE at all!

Many of these additives can actually make you sicker, accelerate your bodies aging process, and increase your chances of gaining weight, all while crippling your body’s natural defense mechanisms,” Dr. Charles added.

The Fat Loss Factor system is a 12 week step by step program which includes several different phases that are all specifically designed to work in tandem helping people to lose all of those unwanted pounds quickly.

It’s in the first step of the whole approach where most other systems fall short, explains Livingston.

“For a weight loss program to truly be successful a person must go through a complete detoxification phase. This is very important, as the liver must be working at its top efficiency to aid with flushing out toxic substances, especially cholesterol.

If a person’s liver does not regulate cholesterol breakdown efficiently, fatty deposits build up inside the body. This is why people tend to gain weight as they age. Their liver simply isn’t operating as efficiently as it was in earlier years.

The same holds true for people who haven’t taken proper care of themselves. If you’ve been clogging up your liver with garbage for an extended period of time; it’s going to be tough to attain the weight loss results you’re after,” says Dr. Charles.

The first stage of The Fat Loss Factor Diet is to go through a complete detoxification process.

In the beginning first two weeks the participants eat completely organic and natural foods. This helps to rid the body of its dependency on unhealthy foods, and cleanses the body of impurities.

Following the first two weeks, participants move forward into well balanced eating plans integrated with an arduous workout plan. There are different workout plans inside the Fat Loss Factor program catering to people from all fitness levels.

Regardless of any current fitness level, everyone is able to participate. The three different levels include beginner, intermediate and advanced.

A top spokesperson from says, “It’s not often that a weight loss program such as this receives this much positive feedback and fanfare. In 2012 alone, it’s sold over 100,000 copies. It definitely works for people willing to put in the effort and follow what the program teaches.”

The Fat Loss Factor has undergone several improvements and additions since it’s inception into the marketplace. It appears that they take their customer feedback seriously and fine tune the program to suit the needs of different lifestyles where applicable.

Since the program receives such positive feedback and a loyal following, it’s a sure bet that it will be available to the public for a long time to come.

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