Massage Therapy Plays Huge Role In Post-Workout Recovery

Toronto – Studies have demonstrated the healing effects of massage on muscle tissue.  For example, research reveals that massaging muscles helps to reduce inflammation, sparing people from the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.  This is great news for people suffering from injuries and chronic pain. It is even better news for wellness practitioners, healers, athletes and consumers that seek natural solutions to pain.

In fact, this research resonates when one considers the importance of tissue repair in sports and exercise and, they are reinforced by the knowledge that athletes typically want to avoid drugs and allow their muscles to heal and adapt naturally.

“Massage therapy aids in stimulating muscles to produce these important proteins naturally, speeding up recovery,” claims a recent study on cycling, published in Men’s Health.

The study confirms that “massage therapy reduces muscle inflammation in athletes who had just finished cycling to exhaustion.  The dual action of reducing inflammation and promoting healing makes massage a significant and useful therapy for athletic recovery and optimizing performance.”

This information is all great news for educators and private colleges like the Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy that specialize in training wellness practitioners of tomorrow.

“We’re dedicated to teaching students about the powers of massage therapy including its potential to facilitate the healing and restoration of muscle tissue”, says Susy Goldstein, Director, Admissions, Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy.

“We teach our students why intense exercise may result in sustained, multiple and repeated tears in muscle tissue, post-exercise stiffness and pain, how it can affect performance, delay successive workouts, and of course how to treat the problems with massage.”

Goldstein adds, “Athletes as well as regular civilians want to avoid drugs and allow their muscles to heal and adapt naturally.”

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that more and more young people as well as seasoned wellness practitioners from Naturopaths to Homeopaths are open to acquiring this knowledge.

“People are hungry for any knowledge that helps them to relieve pain. And there is a growing industry of healers that want to supply this knowledge.”

The Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy trains these healers and is working with organizations like the Pamper Me Network to help graduates to build successful practices, find employment and enhance their online reputation.

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