Alexandra Joy Publishes “The Woman’s Secret: A Novella with Lessons” – Ancient and Mystical Techniques To Find True Love

This inspirational book introduces the thought-provoking philosophy of Ayurveda and Kundalini Yoga and provides energy practices, meditations and practical advice on romantic relationships and personal development.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 24, 2013, Fans of Alexandra Joy will not be disappointed with her new book entitled, “The Woman’s Secret: A Novella with Lessons”. Alexandra Joy discloses some meditations and focusing techniques that can be used to gain a better control over life and a pleasing personality. The book is a semi fictional story that merges primitive meditation methodologies to gain balance in romantic relationships. She explains how practical psychological advice can be merged with ancient and secret practices from Ayurveda, Tantra, and Kundalini Yoga to add life to a romantic relationship and find one’s calling.

“The Woman’s Secret: A Novella with Lessons” includes the story of a single woman Alexandra who leaves London to visit her aunt in the South of France. There she learns ancient and mystical techniques to find true love and, essentially, a meaning in life. She also learns the art of seduction, tips on dating and intimacy, and as the lovelorn woman proceeds with new lessons, she practices them in her romantic affairs. Joined by her friend from America, Julia, she learns how to increase her confidence, get over an ex boyfriend and enjoy simple pleasures of life.

With each new lesson, the reader gets to learn more about secret Yoga methodologies in an engrossing feel-good storyline. Alexandra Joy has studied Yoga for more than eight years. She has adopted the techniques mentioned in the novella in her life and found them to be miraculous.

During a recent interview, Alexandra had this to say: “When I wrote the book, it was more of a fictional love story. As I began writing, it turned out to be self prophecy! I have an acquaintance whom I have met twice in my life, and he soon became the main male character of my novella. Not long ago he appeared in my life again and unexpectedly proposed to me. I had no idea that the book would turn out to be the story of my life. This makes “The Woman’s Secret” even more special. I am happy to share these amazing practices that really do work!”

“The Woman’s Secret” is a semi-fictional story that blends with the factual description of ancient techniques to empower women. These methods make women more independent and successful in their careers while maintaining their feminine charm. The book is written in a humorous style that gives a breezy and cheerful feeling along with lessons on the laws of attraction and sensual yoga.

The book offers a lot of practical knowledge on attaining a happy and romantic life by following simple energy practices and meditations. Alexandra mentions several methods to harness the enigmatic energy that helped her understand the secrets of romance, sensuality, relationships, and the basic mantra to achieve happiness.

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