The 93.46% of Spanish Passengers Buy Their Tickets According To Prices

Travelgenio and Travel2be launch the 2nd Study about Satisfaction and trend of airlines users, giving answer to the most important parameters for final satisfaction of passengers.

During these Christmas days, the online travel agency Travelgenio and its second mark, Travel2be, have published the 2nd  Study about Satisfaction and trend of airlines users to try to answer the most important parameters for passengers.

From the results of the online questionnaire, where 200.000 passengers were asked, we can say that the general valoration about airlines is very possitive, declaring more than half of the sample, 58,11% would repeat flight with the same company without hesitation.

Of the sample, the profile of users is this: men (59.22%) living in Spain (74,71), and in the highest rate in the Madrid and Catalonia, representing the 44.7% of buyers, with University education (79.6%) in employment (79.8%) and a mainly aged between 41 and 55 years (27.41%).

In the coming weeks, the volume of passengers will increase significantly due to the holidays, in order to meet with their loved ones but, is always family what motivates embarking on a flight? Definitely not. According to the latest results of this study of Travelgenio, the first motivation to get on a plane is tourism or leisure at a rate of 46.27% while back, visiting family and friends represent the 27.41%.

At this point, where do flights go? The results show that major routes are flights to European countries (37.61%), followed by flights to domestic destinations (21.54%) and finally transoceanic flights and Asian destinations (Japan, China and Indonesia mainly ).

Talking about buying habits, the highest percentage of passengers opt to buy tickets through an online travel agency (68.85%) as Travelgenio or directly through the airline, as a percentage of the sample of 27, 09%.

Definitely price and schedule are the two aspects that decide to purchase a ticket with rates of 93.46% and 79%, respectively.

In more specific aspects of the travel experience are positively valued parameters as an easy check in (65.5%), the friendliness of both ground personnel (77.10%) and the cabin one (79.6%) or the fact that the luggage is included in the price, worth positive for 50.68% of the sample and therefore also determine the final satisfaction of the buyers.

Surprisingly, in this 2nd Study about Satisfaction and trends of airlines‘ users, issues such as priority boarding, reserved legroom or management or billing rates are much less defined with results for both the final decision to purchase the user satisfaction.

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