DampGuiden Reports Record Purchases Over Christmas 2013, Promising A Big 2014

DampGuiden has broken new records on e-cigarette sales in Denmark over Christmas, marketing a major watershed as more people than ever use the electronic alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Christmas 2013 was a great season for many retailers, creating an encouraging economic bump for Denmark and also meaning that many people were thrilled with the gifts they received. Of those gifts, one of the most popular was an e-cigarette for smokers, a high tech solution to the drawbacks of conventional combustible cigarettes. The nation’s leading provider, DampGuiden, reported record sales over the Christmas period, and believe that the time for e-cigarettes to break through in the mainstream smoking community has come in 2014 as the trend finally catches fire, spelling a great year ahead for the company.

DampGuiden has an expansive online catalogue of e-cigarette products which is innovatively broken down by price comparisons of competing producers creating batteries, e-liquids, cartomizers and full spectrum solutions. The site also includes information on retailers where users can purchase the items in the flesh.

The price comparison tables follow a general introduction to the key factors that affect the quality of the product so users can keep an eye out before introducing a table of prices including and excluding delivery, the provider in question and the product, all of which are linked to comprehensive product reviews.

A spokesperson for DampGuiden explained, “While we have worked hard to become the market leader in online e-cigarette sales in Denmark we have also had several factors working in our favour. This winter is shaping up to be exceptionally cold and the smoking ban has ensured no one wants to stand outside just to be able to smoke. The e-cigarette has solved that problem. Equally, our wide range of starter kits have made it easier than ever for people to have everything they need to make the transition to e-cigarettes. We’re looking forward to making that transition happen for record numbers of people this year.”

About DampGuiden:
DampGuiden is Denmark’s largest e-cigarette portal. Whether individuals are looking for an e-cigarette for the first time or are expert returning users, they will find what they are looking for on DampGuiden. The site compares over 20 of the biggest manufacturers and reviews their products as well as recommending new and exciting products to the public. For more information, please visit: http://www.dampguiden.dk/

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