Got The Blues This New Years Eve? Play The Blues Instead!

Many feel the stress and blues during the holiday’s. Michael Droste, composer and Musician from Bartlett IL., wanted to create a release valve for that stress. He is releasing 48 new Play The blues recordings on Jan. 1 2014. “There are hundreds of tracks at that I made for every instrument,” said Droste.

Not wanting to short change any instrument, the series is made accessible to all with versions for the guitar, tuba, wood recorders, and drum sets. Each recording also includes a mini blues tutorial at the end of the blues choruses. There are instructions at for some ‘magic notes’ that will sound good with each recording, and their specific instrument and key.

“For this particular release,” he stated, “Why not use the Chicago Blues style, and offer it in many different keys?” Pleased with the results, the recordings will be available for everyone at every online music retailer. The ‘Chicago Blues’ series are offered in the keys of Eb, C, D, and F at Droste wanted to teach everyone playing a musical instrument how to play the blues and learn the blues changes. These recordings gives both the pros and beginners many choruses to learn how to solo in the blues.

As the Trumpet is his main instrument, he could understand the frustration of trying to find some blues recordings for soloing in a key for his instrument. “I wanted every instrument including the Oboe, Clarinet, Trombone, Piano, Alto Tenor and Soprano Sax players to each have their own dedicated recordings,” he stated.  “The only solution was to release 16 different recordings, one for each instrument, and provide all levels of musicians with many different musical keys and styles,” Droste said.

About Windy Town:
Windy Town is a privately owned music company founded in 1992.  Located in Bartlett IL., a suburb of Chicago, they release hundreds of unique musical recordings a year. The recordings are available at Amazon, iTunes  and All online Music Retailers.

Contact: Director of Public Relations:   WindyTown.Com

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