New Book – It’s My Time: Stop Complaining and Start Changing

An enriched blend of psychology, spirituality and motivation that will inspire any reader to dig deeper and believe that more is possible.

Atlanta, GA — It’s My Time, blends carefully picked psychological studies, stories and personal experience to motivate and encourage the reader. Each chapter opens with a study, followed by a “Layman’s” breakdown and ends with an inspirational story that ties the chapter’s message together. The book also features “Action Steps” that will guide the reader down a path of development. It’s My Time, is meant to encourage growth and put an end to non-actionable talk and complaints.

Ron Walker focuses on the power of purpose, passion and the pursuit of greatness to inspire all that hear him. He has authored such books as “On Track, to the Kingdom,” “Your Best Day Today,”and recorded such motivational CD’s as “One Day at a Time,” “Passion 101,” and “Dollar and  A Dream: Succeed or Die Trying.” He is a premier speaker, teacher and leader in the community that lives by the belief that all things are possible to the one that believes.

By: Ron Walker

ISBN: 978-1492817024
Paperback $14.99
E-Book $6.99

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