Redshift Research Opinion Poll Reveals Trend of Britons Writing to ‘Santa’

A leading UK market research agency has conducted a survey which highlights some of the key customs and growing trends that Britons are currently following over the festive season.

Redshift Research has shown that Wish Lists are increasingly the way forward to ensure people get the exact presents they want, plus this handy online tool also does away with friends and family having to rack their brains to think of the right gifts to buy.

While 39% of the respondents who took part in the survey said they had set up an online Wish List compared to 61% who had not, the trend of doing so is on the increase compared to a year ago.

The rising popularity of Wish Lists corresponded with the finding that the highest percentage of surveyants (40%) answered ‘No’ when asked whether their partner knows what they want for Christmas, and a further 32% answered ‘Yes, but only if I drop hints’.

Unfortunately, the lowest number of people at 28% were able to claim that their partner bought them what they most desired without having to say anything.

It was also discovered who these adult versions of a ‘letter to Santa’ were most being shared with as gift guidance – 43% unveiled their wishes to spouses or partners, 34% to the category of ‘other’, 17% to general family members, 15% to their children, 13% to friends and 13% to parents. Work colleagues however were not high on the agenda at 1%.

The study further uncovered the Top Wish List picks voted by surveyants – these were books (19%), clothes and gadgets (18%), fragrance items (12%), jewellery (9%), cameras (6%) and chocolate (5%). An additional 34% categorised their priority gifts as ‘other’, suggesting that many people think ‘outside the box’ when shopping for presents.

Finally, when asked when they tend to open their gifts from ‘Santa Claus’, 41% of the participants get unwrapping on Christmas morning before breakfast, 36% after breakfast, 11% in the afternoon, 2% in the evening and 6% on Christmas Eve.

The opinion survey findings were the result of interviews conducted by a panel of Crowdology members, a company owned and operated by Redshift Research. The sample audience first completed 120 profiling questions before being accepted to join the panel, so that the study represented a broad demographic of the UK population.

Managing Director of Redshift Research, Guy Washer, commented on the results of their survey: “On the one hand it seems that Britons still open their presents at more or less the same times as generations before them, but the rise of the Wish List through advancements in digital technology was an interesting discovery. We can see from this insight poll that the adult version of a ‘letter to Santa’ is growing in popularity because of its practical benefits – people get exactly what they want, and those buying presents get convenience – everybody wins.”

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