Vi CCRCs Create Environments Supporting Exploration of Spiritual Wellness

An article in a recent issue of “Vi Living” describes the variety of ways Vi residents are tapping into the lifestyle programs offered by their continuing care retirement community (CCRC) to explore their individual spiritual wellness.
“Some people follow faith-based activities, some do personal meditation and reflection, others do mindful exercise like yoga or tai chi, and many find spirituality in simply taking a daily nature walk,” says Vi’s Vice President of Resident Care, JoAnne Carlin, in the November issue of “Vi Living,” the publication for residents. The Vi family of companies develops, owns and operates older adult living communities.
Residents of Vi senior living communities are offered services and care with an approach grounded in whole-person wellness. Whole-person wellness is a concept developed through long-range studies that examine successful aging. There are multiple dimensions to whole-person wellness, including physical, emotional, social, spiritual, intellectual and vocational.
According to the article, “The Spiritual Journey,” the spiritual dimension of whole-person wellness seeks meaning and purpose in human existence. It involves developing a strong sense of personal values and ethics. And it emphasizes the development of an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe.
At Vi, there are no set boundaries about how residents express their spirituality. For example, last October, Vi at Silverstone in Scottsdale, AZ, hosted two special workshops on the basics of meditation taught by a Buddhist monk. “His goal is to teach the basic principles of meditation from a wellness perspective: decreasing stress, normalizing blood pressure, more effective breathing and learning that being happy is a lifestyle that promotes overall wellness,” says Theresa Healy, RN, Silverstone’s Wellness Center Manager.
At Vi at La Jolla Village in California, residents have been doing tai chi, a form of movement and meditation, taught by a Grand Master with years of experience, according to Mellany Hanson, La Jolla’s Lifestyle Director. “He focuses on balance of mind, body and spirit through breathing and movement exercises,” Hanson says.
According to the article, some Vi communities have been designed with walking paths to enjoy nature, while others feature artwork and sculptures in common spaces and quiet areas with seating for personal reflection.
Vi CCRCs offer independent living with a combination of a private residence, services, amenities and care (for example, assisted living, memory support care and skilled nursing care).
Late last year, Vi commissioned a report by Ken Dychtwald Ph.D., renowned gerontologist, psychologist, best-selling author, and CEO of Age Wave that challenges the “prevailing myths and misperceptions” about CCRC living. The report, “The Five Myths and Realities of Continuing Care Retirement Communities,” is available in its entirety at

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