Premium Health Labs Publishes Vlog About The Rising Fraud In The Yacon Syrup Industry

Maria J Consult
Premium Health Labs’ Maria J Clifford explains the dangers surrounding Yacon Syrup for consumers, and describes the benefits of quality products from recommended sellers.

Yacon Syrup has been used by individuals in the Andes for hundreds of years and may well have been medicine to the ancient Incas. Its properties are said to help manage diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure and have most importantly been found to have weight loss properties. Because of this, many manufacturers are now producing Yacon Syrup for sale to the supplement market, and not all of these are high quality, recommended sellers. Maria J Clifford of Premium Health Labs has now published a video review of the product explaining how to secure the best Yacon extract.

The review does indeed confirm that Yacon syrup really works and is an exciting new contender in the supplement field, but that yacon syrup side effects can cause problems for some people and more worryingly, the product is more susceptible than most to scams.

The video then goes on to list the means by which individuals can quickly delineate scams from high quality products by listing key identifiers of both scam products and high quality products. The video recommends that individuals buy only Yacon Syrup manufactured in the US that doesn’t claim to be a Dr. Oz product, and recommends Certified Yacon as the best product seller.

A spokesperson for Premium Health Labs explained, “Maria always takes the time to personally summarize her reports in plain English so they can be as easily understood by the average consumer as by nutrition professionals and researchers. Her insights into Yacon Syrup confirm many of the claims made by suppliers, but also help shed light on false claims made by shady suppliers to take advantage of people looking for the next great health supplement. The video is a great introduction to the product as well as ensuring that those who decide to buy are armed with the information they need to make the right consumer choices.”

About Premium Health Labs: Premium Health Labs is a diet and nutrition research facility headed by Maria J Clifford, a nutritional expert and researcher who regularly tests the effectiveness of dietary supplements and passes on her results to the world so they can make informed choices about their purchases. Premium Health Labs primarily publish video content via their YouTube channel. For more information, please visit:

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