New Option for Treating ADHD in the form of Video Courses Offered by Control My ADHD

Grant Weherley, an ADHD advocate, introduces an alternative treatment for ADHD. The unique ADHD program is being used by the Kentucky Department of Justice and is promoted by ADHD support organizations such as Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation and the Awesome Inc Cherub Program.

An alternative treatment for ADHD is being offered by a known ADHD advocate and speaker. Grant Weherley, ADHD Advocate and founder of Control My ADHD, offers different ADHD video courses that educate and help people who are burdened and diagnosed with ADHD. The video courses available in the website cover various topics such as the basics of ADHD and a variety of methods to control it. The whole course is divided into ten sections. Each section consists of one or more video lectures covering specific aspects of ADHD and a quiz to evaluate the person’s learning of the section. For example, Section 6 is about overcoming stress, being overwhelmed and experiencing anxiety by people with ADHD. There are seven video lectures in the section starting with an introduction to ADHD and Stress. Most video lectures do not last for more than 10 minutes. At the end of the section, a quiz is given consisting of 2 questions or more. Section 10 of the course offers bonus lectures such as blogs, slides and suggested readings by the author. There are over 24 lectures in the whole course and almost 2 hours of content.

By the end of the course, the company hopes that a person will feel more confident in meeting their ADHD challenges. It will also help them understand more about the illness and how it affects their body and their behavior. The course was designed for children suffering with ADHD, people with loved ones diagnosed with ADHD and adults that are living everyday with the illness.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is a brain disorder affecting many millions. Symptoms of ADHD include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior and hyperactivity. The medical community is still unsure on the exact cause of ADHD but there are many proven treatments for people diagnosed with the illness. A common treatment is though medication and therapy, while this program focuses on practical, everyday treatment options.


Control My ADHD is founded by Grant Weherley that provides support and treatment for people suffering with ADHD. The company offers several programs that deal with the illness. They are located at 3rd St., Carmencita Ave., San Andreas, California. Their email address is and website is


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