Infographic by QEJ Shows Top Ten Growing Careers in the United States

The Top 10 Fastest-Growing Careers in America
Oil, gas and mining offer the best career opportunities in terms of job security, a Website that is dedicated to higher education, has just put out a very informative infographic on the top 10 growing professions in America and across the world. When choosing a career it is a good idea to find as much information on the industries and job opportunities in your chosen field. The odds are much better that you will have lifelong employment in an industry that is growing and expected to continue to grow.

This Fastest Growing Careers infographic provides information on the top growth industries and the education required to land your first job and gainful employment for the rest of your life. In contrast to what the Obama administration would have you believe, the two top industries are not in the politically correct “Green Industries” but in the oil and gas industries. This is a good example of why it is important to get the facts when it comes to your career and disregard the propaganda.

Promoting Green Jobs may get you elected but planning your livelihood on it is a risky undertaking. A Bachelor’s degree in engineering, preferably in petroleum engineering is still your best bet for an educational goal as the infographic shows. “When you know better you do better,” says Maya Angelou. When the world economy continues its expansion after the downturn the demand for energy will increase exponentially and jobs in the energy producing fields will be plentiful for years to come.

The technological landscape in America and across the world will also continue its robust and diverse growth in just about every field. All the top ten growing professions will require some sort of education so keep up with the current trends. Start with this informative infographic and visit Quality Education and Jobs often for information that is more specific to the jobs that will offer security in the future.

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