Infographic by Pencil Kings Shows Nations Budget Committees are Disregarding Arts Classes

Are Public Schools Closing the Curtains on Creativity?
School districts may be missing the point of creativity in education

Creativity sparks innovation and innovation is the biggest driver of industry. However, as the reports, “Supporters of arts in the schools complain that art, music, theater and dance are among the first subjects to suffer when budgets are tight.” Compared to ten years ago, fewer public elementary schools are offering arts, humanities and media classes. This would be justified if all these classes did was produce pretty pictures to hang by a magnet on your fridge but they go deeper than that.

Research clearly stresses the importance of creativity in the education of children of the young (absorbing) ages. They build the foundation on which future child development stands. Moreover, studies have shown that children who study art at an early age are four times more likely to be acknowledged for academic achievement and three times more likely to have perfect attendance throughout their academic years.

A new infographic provided by Pencil Kings, a one stop Website for the artistically inclined, points out (artistically, of course) the importance of creativity in the curriculum of grade school students. It also shows how school districts and even the federal government overlook the significance of creativity when creating their budgets.  

Across America’s public school systems, Federal funding for class curricula has made a shift towards the more common, core subjects of math, science and english. As academic subjects, the “No Child Left Behind Act” outlines the arts as core to a quality education. Despite this implementation, “Fewer public elementary schools are offering visual arts, dance and drama classes than [just] a decade ago,” the reports.

In schools across the nation, art education is becoming more of a luxury than a necessity in children’s’ education. With many heads of industry saying they wish they were more creative so they could think more innovatively; you would have to wonder if the logical thinking, accountant types that draft budgets are missing the point – or if they can even grasp it.

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