Vacacoja Offers Online E-cig Wizard That Identifies The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands

Electronic Cigarette
Vacacoja have created an online tool that allows individuals to find the best e-cig brands and providers according to what they’re looking for and their location.

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular every day, with traditional combustible cigarettes being ever more ostracised by public smoking bans, increased taxes, brand packaging and advertising limitations to name but a few of the actions taken. Despite this, e-cigarettes are still uncommonly difficult to get hold of, given the fact that very few manufacturers offer global shipping and instead focus on cornering the market in their country of origin. Vacacoja has launched a new, free to use E-Cigarette Wizard  which gives people a powerful and easy to use way in which to identify the best ecigarette for them.

The site gives a full and detailed breakdown of the types of e-cigarette available so that users aren’t foxed by this particular category on the search engine, which is there to ensure that people only get results for the specific type of e-cigarette they want (some may wish for a vaporizer while others want an e-cig that looks like a normal cigarette).

The search engine takes just moments to use and can give a full breakdown of the appropriate products available. Users can even include key brands in their search to identify providers of those brands within their own country, making it easier than ever to get the right E-Cigarette.

A spokesperson for explained, “Vacacoja is a simple to use software that takes just seconds to get the results you’re looking for. The problem most people face when they’re searching for cigarette alternatives online is that providers still have a large degree of islandisation, supplying only their local area or home nation, meaning people can find something that looks hopeful only to discover they can’t buy it. We ask for the nation of origin in our search so we show people the best deals available to them, making it easier than ever to narrow down the field of choice and make the right purchase according to the type of e-cig they’re looking for.”

About Vacacoja: The Vacacoja e-cig wizard makes it quick and easy to find the best electronic cigarette brands online. Suitable for beginners through to experienced vapors, the powerful search tool lets smokers search all the major brands in seconds, including mini electronic cigarettes through to the most advanced personal vapourizers currently on the market. For more information please visit:

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