Australia’s “Fuel Economy Solutions” Providing The Road Transport Industry With Sustainability Solutions

Australia’s Road Transport Industry continues to face the challenges of sustainability issues such as energy consumption and air pollution. “Fuel Economy Solutions” business model is to help their customers achieve better fuel economy on their vehicles and fleets.

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, January 15, 2014, According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, transport activity is a major source of emissions related to the combustion of fossil fuels with road transport responsible for 86% of transport related emissions in the country. This is a significant problem that can be mediated through the use of already proven fuel consumption techniques. “Fuel Economy Solutions” is a company that has proven themselves to be the “Go-To” firm for effective solutions for the control of the excessive fuel consumption and emissions by the road transport industry.

The programs provided by “Fuel Economy Solutions”, are of interest to both drivers and fleet managers who are always looking for ways to save on fuel costs and reduce emissions. Better fuel economy means lower maintenance costs, a reduced carbon footprint and lower air pollution.

It is now possible to realize significant savings on fuel costs. Fuel has become a major expense for most households in Australia. It accounts for 16% of the average Australian household spending after housing and food. Fuel costs take a greater toll for most road transport fleets, where fuel is typically a high, if not the highest, operating cost which can account for anything between 25% and 40% of total operating costs.

“Fuel Economy Solutions” explains that their innovative set of solutions are designed to provide customers with the education, support and tools necessary to develop fuel economy plans that help increase both environmental responsibility and profitability. Such programs will allow saving in the range of 10 – 40% in unnecessary fuel consumption and emissions.

“Fuel Economy Solutions” reports that fuel economy is increasingly becoming an integral part of many Australian businesses who want to make sure that the next sustainable trends are incorporated into their overall strategy.Companies that implement such strategies will create a green sustainable program that makes a positive impact on their people, profitability, and the planet.

Motor vehicles are the major source of global atmospheric air pollution. Vehicle emissions are estimated to contribute 14% to the world’s carbon emissions from fossil fuel burning – and there’s more! Add pollution from vehicle manufacturing, delivery and disposal – and add to that the contribution of fuel exploration, transportation, refining and distribution.


During a recent interview, Hilmi Armoush – Founder of Fuel Economy Solutions had this to say: “I can’t imagine living without transport. It is key to developing our national economy and social cohesion. At the same time, more fuel consumption means more emissions. These emissions have huge direct and indirect effect on human, animal and plant health. They also trigger a range of adverse environmental effects in our air, water and soil, including for example; acid rain, smog, and depletion of the ozone layer, and at the global level, climate change.” “Fuel Economy Solutions” is dedicated to be part of the solution”.

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