Kay’s Family Recreation Corner Launches Web Portal Bringing Families Back Together Again

Kay’s web portal created with the concept of game playing amongst family and friends fosters closer relationships that cannot be achieved by modern day digital games that people play by themselves.

RENTON, WASHINGTON, January 27, 2014, Scientists have long known that interaction and engagement between people fosters a closer relationship. In this day and age of modern digital games that are designed to be held and played by a single user, there is a need for something that could bring people and families together, to be able to enjoy each other in a shared experience. Kay’s Family Corner is a brand new web portal that has been launched with the sole purpose of fostering closer relationships between family, friends and associates.

Before digital games took over the marketplace, board and card games were the normal way of people sharing genuine quality time together. As the prevalence of electronic gaming grew, the family unit weakened, and this should be no surprise given the individual nature of these games. Children start out with a gifted, inexpensive electronic hand held game. They take it with them everywhere, and it is hard to pry it away from them. As they age, they play with more intricate electronic games that command even more of their attention. Couple this with iPhones and all of the Apps available, and it is easy to see why the family and friend structure becomes diluted.

Kay’s Family Corneris dedicated to providing a source for recreational items that are played/experienced together with other people. Face to face engagement and interaction is what brings people closer together. This is a great way of reinforcing family and social values. It gives people a chance to share the enjoyment of an entertaining board or card game. Playing games is a great way to de-stress from a hard day at work while creating memories that will last forever.

The company reports that new products will be added to the site on a continuous basis. Current games include: UNO, Checkers, Chess, Chinese Checkers, Monopoly, and much more. Management explains that they have exciting expansion plans in the works. They will be featuring other products such as: camping gear, sports equipment, and pet products. All products are priced to beat the competition. What is priceless is seeing the smiles on the faces of friends and loved ones while enjoying a great time together.

For complete information, please visit: Kay’s Family Corner

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