SafeTech Lists the Top Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holiday season is upon us and SafeTech Alarm Systems is providing tips for keeping your home safe this holiday season.

The thrill and excitement of the holiday season is here. While this time of year is often filled with happiness and good times, it’s important to remember to stay safe as well. Unfortunately, there are risks during the holiday season, just like there are at any other time of the year. That’s why SafeTech Alarm Systems, a Toronto-based company that provides security services across Canada, is taking this opportunity to list its top holiday home safety tips. Following these tips will help keep your home and your loved ones safe during the holiday season.

Be careful with holiday decorations. Whenever possible, choose decorations that are made with flame-resistant materials. Do not use candles to decorate trees, keep candles away from combustible elements and never leave candles unattended. Doing so can be a huge fire risk.

Before putting up decorative lighting, make sure to check each lighting strand for damage and do not use damaged lights. Also, take care not to overload extension cords and be careful when putting up lights. Nails or tacks can damage lighting strands and lead to dangerous situations including possible fires. Be sure to only use lights that are certified by an accredited certification organization.

If you’re going out of town and leaving your home unattended during the holidays, take steps to protect your home. Place your lights on a timer, ask the post office to hold your mail and make sure that you arrange to have someone take care of shoveling your snow if needed. You’ll want to avoid having your home look empty for an extended period of time. Doing so is often an invitation for criminals.

For this same reason, you’ll want to be careful about posting vacation plans on social media sites. Many criminals check social media sites to figure out when potential victims will be out of town, so avoid making your vacation plans public. Tell your close friends and family privately, not on social media where nearly anyone can see what you’re up to.

Unfortunately, criminals know that many people leave their homes unoccupied for long periods of time during the holiday season. They also know that there is an increased likelihood of valuables being inside a home in the form of gifts. Taking steps to protect your property is a must.

For more information contact SafeTech Alarm Systems today. For more than 20 years, we’ve been protecting homes and businesses of all shapes and sizes. By offering a wide variety of different security tools including burglar systems, alarm monitoring services, video surveillance cameras, fire protection, physical security tools, access control systems and more, SafeTech keeps properties safe.

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