Poetry; The Reflection of Emotions In the Mind

Nine poems will serenade the sole of men and women; accompanied by music sharing different topics in the realm of writing. In simple, yet profound language, Perry Ritthaler reminds us written poetry mixed with music and visual pictures will enhance different emotions in the heart and images brought to the surface of your mind.

The poet is a reflection of his or her various words cast into images in the readers mind; a poet is sharing emotions found in the heart flowing through ideas created in the writers mind. Emotions transform into word pictures similar to an artist creating a beautiful or ugly painting by applying paint with a brush of knife onto a canvas.

Poetry can enlighten the soul with verses of love filled with romance, or fear describing insanity and abuse, or faith writing about angels caressing the sadness within the heart exploring the loss of loved ones; the poets words will surely ignite various emotions inside the heart and create images in the mind of all readers.

The reader can see the imagination of the writers mind cast into written pictures taking shape in rational truth describing the experience; thoughts within the readers mind explode like spring flowers rising in the sunlight kissed by soft droplets of rain; the poetry experience created by the poet can be profound.

Most people that read poetry create multiple pictures in their mind based upon associations mentally anchored to past pleasure or painful experiences created in their life. Well written poetry casts emotions as well as the intellectual experience deep within the readers mind.

Emotion created by well-crafted poetry can combine words and pictures and music to expand the poetry experience in the readers mind; colorful words create emotions mixed naturally into the heart interacting with the brains chemistry.

Poetry is not just an intellectual experience it is the experience created by your emotions that fill your mind and heart shaping your soul. Poetry is the freshness of new associations to ideas; creativity producing fresh, and vivid images that create an impact within your mind.

A polished poet has the ability to use words to reduce abstract thoughts and ideas to pictorial form, either by comparison, special imagery, or otherwise.

Powerful poetry expands the ideas that usually imitate, copy, or reflect something you have experienced in your life. Be truthful, be real when you share your deepest thoughts crafted onto paper sharing your experiences with the reader.

When displaying your poetry you access the thought process flowing through the readers mind. Whether or not physical nature is involved, the poem must convey or recreate something true inside the readers mind–it must deal with the real emotions that trigger feeling created in their thought process.

Perry Ritthaler Poetry Collection : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWbvZY3MoY0&feature=youtu.be

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