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Male Reproductive Health
With growing prostate cancer rates among men, proper penis health has never been more important

Male Enhancement PR has just produced a new infographic in an effort to make men aware of the necessity to check themselves regularly for tumorous growths. Men are not as inclined as women to worry about or check their reproductive organs for cancer but they are just as susceptible to cancer. Your penis, prostate and testes are important organs that should be carefully maintained and monitored, especially as you advance in years.

If not checked regularly the male reproductive system can be a ticking time bomb that could cause severe pain, discomfort and even death. The Penis Health Infographic shows our internal mechanisms pictorially and stresses how it is important to be aware of them and how well they perform.

Think of your penis as a blood-flow barometer that lets us down when we lack adequate circulation. Penile cancer only occurs in less than one man in 100,000 in the United States. It accounts for about 1% of cancers in men but it could happen to you.

Prostate cancer, however, is much more common. The prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. It is located below the bladder, in front of the rectum and surrounds the urethra. As the infographic shows, a healthy prostate is about the size of a walnut.

Prostate cancer is a serious disease; one out of every six men will eventually be diagnosed with prostate cancer and one in 36 will die of the disease. The good news is, if caught in time, most men diagnosed with prostate cancer survive. In the United States alone, more than 2.5 million men are survivors of prostate cancer.

Similar to penis checks, 85% of men do not check their testicles for cancer but it is just as prevalent. Both parts of your manhood should be checked daily for small abnormal lumps, just as a woman would check her breasts.

The key to survival is early detection so make it a part of your daily routine. Check out the infographic to find out more and if you suspect the possibility of a tumor, seek medical attention immediately.

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