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SupremeHelp is a credit repair company where we work on not only repairing your credit but building it up as well. Doing this all while offering you free consultation on the value of improving your credit. We assist our clients to navigate and deal with the credit bureaus.

Most people believe that everything the credit bureaus mark on your credit report is both accurate and up to date.  Thinking every item written on the report is set in stone, proven with cold hard facts! This is a popular myth, and could not be further from the truth!  Some credit bureaus have old, outdated systems collecting your information.  Using these incompetent systems, reports could be simply wrong, incomplete or could belong to a completely different person.  These are the bureaus that determine your future in credit. They choose the direction your life is going to head.

Congress has created The Fair Credit Reporting Act which allows us, the consumers, the ability to force the Credit Bureaus to verify all the information they are reporting. We use these complex and intricate laws to your advantage; they allow us to repair your credit and make sure that you aren’t a victim of the credit bureaus incompetence.  These laws also allow us to challenge the bureaus into having to prove that all your accounts are verifiable.  The bureaus get information from the creditors directly; they often don’t request the creditors to verify the information that is being placed on your report. This allows us to challenge everything reported to your name, whether it’s correct or not. If challenged, they must procure documents and verify that all your inquiries are answered with provable facts. If this can’t be done and they can’t verify your requests, then as the law dictates, they must remove these items. 

Just imagine for a moment, if you have a negative account on your credit report and its bringing your scores down. Now you walk into a mortgage brokers office, you are trying to get a mortgage to buy your family a house and you get approved but at a very high rate of interest. Now you got the mortgage because of your positive accounts, but in turn got an exorbitant interest rate because of the negative items on your credit profile, which potentially aren’t even yours. You are going to end up paying tens of thousands of dollars of interest more than someone with the same exact situation but less negative items on their report, which the Credit Bureaus put on your report in the first place! This is happening all over the country to hundreds of thousands of people, and what’s worse is that the Credit Bureaus scare you into thinking there is nothing that can be done.

This is not the case anymore! With the laws congress has enacted to protect you from the credit bureaus we can now fight on your behalf and not only remove the incorrect items from your report but also (and potentially more importantly) remove the negative and harmful objects that are reported on your account. This will raise your scores and improve your credit history, allowing you to get approved for your mortgages, leases, loans, and to get approved for the credit cards you’ve always wanted.

We are here for you. We are here to help you protect your rights, the rights which the Credit Bureaus are blindly robbing you of. SupremeHelp is here.

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