Aleh Foundation USA Director, Rabbi Shlomo Braun Hosts Rabbi Avraham Edri

Rabbi Edri, his wife and their ten children reside in Beitar, Jerusalem for the past 10 years. Rabbi Abraham Edri is the Spiritual Leader of Congregation Yosef Chaim as well as Dean of Kollel Machsof Halavan.  While Beitar has 60,000 orthodox Jewish Residents and many Kollelim & Synagogues, Kollel Machsof Halavan is the only Kabalah Kollel in Beitar. The city of Beitar is widely recognized throughout Israel for its good government and cleanliness.

 Rabbi Edri is a noted Rabbinic Kabalistic lecturer, Spiritual Leader and Certified Mohel of Sephardic background and was the most recent guest at the home of Rabbi Shlomo & Chana Braun. He arrived in the US a week ago to deliver several keynote addresses in New York, New Jersey, Florida, California as well as Canada.

Rabbi Edri’s professional background includes sensitive work in the Israeli Military under Lieutenant General (res) Shaul Mofaz, whereby he had close dealings with the Israeli CIA When Rabbi Edri performs Brit Milah in the occupied territories he always carries his legal self-protection tools. He is an expert palm reader and is proud to be part of the Breslover Chasidut. Rabbi Edri never missed a Rosh Hashanah in Unman, Ukraine in the passed 30 years at the gravesite of the great of the greatest Rabbi  Nachman ZT”L of Breslov.

Rabbi Braun discussed with Rabbi Edri the services Aleh renders for the special children in Israel. Rabbi Edri replied that at this time there is no need for Aleh’s services in Beitar, however, the city of Beitar has an exemplary facility for children with Downs’s syndrome. Rabbi Edri gave Rabbi Braun a special blessing for a very successful event To be held in the Museum of Jewish Heritage on May 21, 2014.  The Aleh Foundation is located on 5317 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11219.  For information about the event please call the headquarters phone number at 800-317 ALEH or visit the website at

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