Press Release Marketing Cautions Revealed By Steve Stanley

“Press Release writing is not for amateurs, and it is the best way to make sure “your” site never appears in Page One of Google”
Make no mistake about, Google is down on Free Press Release Sites, and is in fact treating them like “Press Release Directories”. Posting a PR on one of the Free PR Sites is the best way to avoid top search engine rankings.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, February 23, 2014, These are the days of the Google Monopoly, and the entire Internet is a captive audience. Sure, there are other Search Engines, but Google is the one that everybody want to be on, and especially Page One. Every time Matt Cutts speaks, the online world perks their collective ears up. It is clear that Google is making up the rules as they see fit. Press Release Marketing is affected by all of the rule changes that they have passed down, and everybody should be aware of them. Steve Stanley, aka The Press Release Guru, wants everybody to be aware of how online marketers can do damage to themselves, and all in one keystroke.

In the never ending quest to save a buck, many online entrepreneurs have fallen victim to the Free Press Release Sites. Here, anybody can post a PR, standard rules do not apply. What does apply is the fact that Google doesn’t like those sites, and is not giving them “authority status”, thereby affecting their page rankings, etc. Google is viewing these Free Press Release Sites as nothing more than PR Directories, and treating the PR’s as if they were PR Spam. After all, when is the last time “you” did a search and a Free Press Release Site came up in the results?

The Free PR Sites all have different rules. Some will allow a live link in the Contact area, while others may allow 1 or 2 hot links in the body area. They all will allow links if the PR submitter pays for them, which means they are no longer Free. So now, money has to be spent on each and every Free PR Site in order to get a few hot links in the PR. This actually adds up to more money then if a PR Package was purchased that would go to bona fide News Sites, and result in hundreds and hundreds of links back to the website in the PR.

Press-Release-Distributors has a package for $124.95 that includes the writing of the PR, and submission to a vast list of media channels. Who else Guarantees Submission AND Insertion on 500+ News Websites, including National, Regional, Local, Radio and TV, Trade and Industry, and International news websites. They Include Social Media Distribution with No Extra Fees, and is part of their service. The Press Release is shared with the 15 most popular social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and more.

The Press Release will be Tweeted on 150+ news-related Twitter Accounts with a combined base of 35,000+ Twitter Followers, and shared on 150+ Facebook pages with a combined “Like” Base of 50,000 Facebook users. Don’t Forget About The Blogs, they Guarantee inclusion on 100+ Online News Blogs, and are now authorized to submit direct to Google, Bing & Yahoo News.

Press Release writing is not for amateurs, and it is the best way to make sure “your” site never appears in Page One of Google. Google will Penalize your site if the PR has “keyword stuffing”, duplicate content, looks too much like an Ad, or uses such words as: “You, We, Yours, Ours, Us, I”, etc. Sometimes “I” use one of the forbidden words to make a point, but with caution, and always with Quotation Marks around them. A PR should be written by a PRO if the best results are to be expected, otherwise, not only will there be poor SEO value, but Google may penalize the site.

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