Perth Home Cleaners Talks about Popular Cleaning Habits and Services through Infographic

Straight facts about cleaning habits and services from Perth Home Cleaners’ recently released infographic. The company gathered statistics about the general view on cleaning plus some advantages on hiring a cleaning service.

Surprising facts about cleaning habits and services were recently shared by Perth Home Cleaners through their latest infographic. Titled “Squeaky Clean: House Cleaning Fact”, the infographic touches on some surprising facts and statistics few people knew about common cleaning habits. The company wants to provide general information about the general public’s cleaning habits and how most people perceive the cleaning services industry. The infographic illustrates and contrasts the general response on specific questions. Questions that pertained to cleaning habits were divided according to gender to give people better insight on how the different sexes perceive cleanliness and their attitude towards cleaning.

91% of the general public clean or disinfect counter tops when cleaning their house with women doing it as much as 96% of the time. Cleaning underneath or behind furniture was also done by 81% and 75% of women and men respectively.  88% reorganize their things while 76% collect old clothes and donate them to charity. Interestingly, when cleaning their house 75% of people also include cleaning cellphones, smartphones and other electronic gadgets. When it comes to motivation, a messy area and an arriving guest are the chief reasons for cleaning the house. Not surprisingly, being told to clean is the least popular reason for tidying. The infographic also discussed the general attitude towards hiring house cleaning services. 12% of homeowners regularly use a housekeeper or a cleaning service with 18% consider of hiring one. The biggest advantage of hiring a cleaning service is the amount of time saved for not doing the actual chore. When asked on what they would do with their spare time, 37% would spend quality time with their family while 32% would do other chores besides cleaning.

Perth Home Cleaners also added some helpful information such as how to find the right house cleaning services and ways to cut costs when hiring a cleaner. The company hopes that their clients will benefit from the information provided in their latest infographic.

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