ESC Energy Systems to be Featured on 21st Century Television series on Bloomberg Asia-Pacfic

MMP (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that ESC Energy Systems (ESC) will be featured on 21st Century Television on Bloomberg Asia-Pacific on March 2, 2014.

Boca Raton, FL (February 27, 2014) —ESC Energy Systems is a proven and recognized leader in the development of innovative and cost-effective technologies for solutions to biogas treatment recovery. ESC biogas treatment and recovery systems process raw biogas to remove impurities and contaminants and then return clean gas for use in energy production.

ESC provides both conventional and regenerable biogas treatment systems that provide optimum solutions for any biogas treatment need. ESC’s experience, expertise, and proven track record of success in the biogas recovery industry gives customers complete confidence that their needs will be met efficiently, economically, and in a timely manner.

ESC’s patented CompHeet regenerable system is unique in the industry and has the ability to clean and regenerate itself while in operation thus reducing costs of operation and maintenance up to 90% over conventional biogas treatment systems.

ESC has on staff a team of skilled mechanical and chemical engineers, technicians, draftsmen, fabricators, and quality assurance personnel in order to meet the most stringent requirements and standards in the biogas recovery industry. ESC designs, builds, tests, and delivers turnkey biogas treatment systems that meet the most stringent specifications for clean gas and liquid streams in the industry.

 JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at 21st Century Television. added, “ESC Energy Systems are true leaders in biogas treatment recovery. Their solutions are innovative and sustainable. We are pleased to feature them on our show.”

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About ESC Energy Systems

ESC develops biogas treatment and recovery systems that remove contaminants and impurities from biogas so it can be used as a fuel for the production of energy. ESC’s conventional and patented CompHeet regenerable biogas treatment systems are innovative, tested, customer proven, and efficient biogas treatment technologies. ESC biogas treatment systems provide solutions for the biogas-to-energy industry that offer cost-effective implementation and rapid return on investment.

ESC Corporation began as HIPCO, a small gas and liquid purification industry start-up, in 1979. Using activated carbon for remediation media, HIPCO provided gas and liquid filtration and purification in the Puget Sound area throughout the 1980s.

In 1997 ESC Corporation was created from HIPCO to further engage in the gas and liquid purification industry with a focus on the biogas recovery to energy market. Building on tried and true technologies employed in the 1980s and early 1990s, ESC expanded its scope and services to purification of biogas from landfills and anaerobic digesters.

Today, ESC is involved in the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of both conventional and regenerable (CompHeet) biogas treatment systems for the biogas-to-energy industry. Their systems and technologies offer reliable, cost-effective solutions to the needs of the industry.

ESC’s regenerable CompHeet system offers the additional advantages of reducing the carbon footprint, increasing sustainability, and lowering operating and maintenance costs when compared to conventional biogas treatment systems. The innovative, new CompHeet biogas treatment system developed by ESC introduces a completely new level of biogas treatment and recovery system.

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