Hollywood Window Tinting Company Opens a New Store in Marina Del Rey & Provides Nanotechnology Window Tinting Services

310 TINTING’s new shop will serve Hollywood’s celebrities and limousine companies by providing nanotechnology window tinting, ensuring its tints are highly resistant and the perfect solution for Hollywood’s celebrities and limousine companies.

Los Angeles, California – February 28, 2014 – 310 TINTING today announces that it has opened a new window tinting shop in Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, which provides nanotechnology window tinting services to Hollywood celebrities, limousine companies and anyone that requires unparalleled window tinting services throughout Los Angeles.

The nanotechnology used by 310 TINTING to dark window tinting in Hollywood CA and residential windows, doesn’t utilize dyed film or metal, which can lead to the tint fading and even cracking over time. The result is a no-compromise window tint that matches or surpasses even the best metallic window tints in terms of sun and heat rejection. In addition, the nanotechnology used by 310 TINTING ensures the tint has more strength than conventional tinting practices. The additional strength means the windows where the tint is applied, will not shatter.

“I am very pleased to have opened this new shop here in Marina Del Rey as it gives us the opportunity to better serve both celebrities who are based in the Hollywood area as well as limousine companies both in Hollywood and in the surrounding Los Angeles area,” said Armando Vera, founder and CEO of 310 TINTING. “The nanotechnology window tinting service we are now offering means that the tints we are applying to windows is highly resistant to cracking, fading, discoloring, and bubbling. Nanotechnology window tinting is a better option when compared to high-end metallic films. With the 86th Academy Awards coming up in less than a week, we have already started receiving orders from limousine companies that will be taking their celebrity clients to the red carpet just outside the famous Dolby Theatre. Celebrities need their privacy, just like everyone else, and we are happy to provide that for them.”

Unlike traditional tints, window tint created by 310 TINTING allows for clear visibility even at darker levels thanks to the advanced nanotechnology involved. This is easily among the best window tints anyone can get today. And it’s certainly the wise choice for Hollywood actors and celebrities as well as limousine companies that wish to provide excellent privacy for their clients.

For more information on how nanotechnology can revolutionize the tinting of car and residential windows, call 310 TINTING on (424) 262-5454 and visit the company’s website – tintingprice.com

About 310 TINTING
310 TINTING was established in 2007 by its current CEO, Armando Vera. The company has built up a solid reputation in Los Angeles, California as a reputable windows tinting firm.

The company’s main service is the tinting of car windows, residential and commercial window tinting as well as marine window tinting. Over the years, the company has expanded to the point where it can sustain other services such as its car detailing services. The company carries out thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing – inside and out – of commercial and standard vehicles. Our car detailing service ensures our customers are left with a show-quality level of detail that improves the appearance of the car, whilst also helping to preserve the resale value.

Another service which 310 TINTING carries out is glass repair. The company will repair a windshield or replace it if the damage it too much. The company is successfully repairing and replacing windshields in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Marina del Rey, and Beverly Hills.

For more information on 310 TINTING and to get a quote for your commercial or standard car, watch their video West Hollywood window tinting and call them on (424) 262-5454. 310 TINTING’s registered office is located at 4695 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles, California 90292.

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Contact Person: Armando Vera
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