StarStay Hotels Released an Infographic on Recent Trends and Statistics of the Tourism Industry in UK

StarStay Hotels UK released an infographic about the tourism and accommodation statistics in UK. Included in the data they have gathered is the average expenditure of foreign visitors, volume of visits and regions frequently visited in the UK.

StarStay Hotels UK has recently released an infographic that detailed the recent tourism and accommodation statistics in UK. As one of the most visited country in Europe, UK’s tourism is an essential part of its economy especially to industries offering accommodation and other hospitality services. The company posted the infographic at their website Titled “A Visit to UK: Trends of UK Tourism Industry,” the infographic illustrated important figures and statistics about the country’s tourism industry. According to the infographic, UK is the seventh largest international tourism destination by number of visitors and expenditure. It is preceded by France, USA, China, Spain, Italy and Turkey. In 2012, the country’s total revenue from its tourism industry is £134 billion. The tourism sector accounts up to 9.8% of all businesses in UK. The average spending of a foreign tourist visiting UK is estimated to be around £601 and the average length of stay is 7.6 nights. The infographic also depicted the share of tourist visits per region in UK: England and London both has 12.8 million visits, Scotland has 2.1 million visits while Wales has 0.9 million visits. In England, the average room occupancy in 2012 stood at 66% with average bed space occupancy at 50%.To further illustrate important comparisons in the tourism trend, a breakdown by purpose of journey and season of visit is also provided. The visit’s purpose could be for a holiday, business, VFR, study or other purposes. The season is divided into four categories; January – March, April – June, July – September and October – December.

Another section of the infographic discussed about the accommodation statistics in UK. Over 80% of tourism and hospitality industry businesses employ fewer than 10 people. It also stated that the annual turnover of the UK hotel industry is £40 billion. There are also around 45,800 hotels in UK.

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